bed mobile OLDI

Idea of Oldi, with an Oldi you can go out to explore the new area or to visit your friends or family.

Today we talked with Mr. Alojz Vrbovšek, innovator that created bed mobile Oldi in cooperation together with his son Mr. Klemen Verbovšek, an designer. They created an innovation in the wheelchair market.

Oldi’s goal is to improve services of patients because it gives them way to go out to the nature. “Age and health shouldn’t be an excuse for lower quality of life.” Said Mr. Klemen. He continue with “Mobile Oldi will contribute to improve the quality of life in the hardest part of life of our customers.

“Mobile Oldi will contribute to improve the quality of life in the hardest part of life of our customers.

He said “It is important that patient is happy and that he is not all the in the hospital room”.


Immobile people
Years of research
Elder care facilities

How did the innovator got the idea?

Oldi’s father

Mr. Alojz Verbovšek, founder of the project got the idea to create the bed mobile which would give the opportunity to elderly ones to visit nature almost 10 years. 

“I just used all knowledge I gain past years.

IConverted everything from idea to the business plan and start up” Mr. Klemen explains.

This is for sure family project, soon younger soon Mr. Nejc Verbovšek will also be involved in the project responsible for sales and marketing. “ says Mr. Klemen.

son Klemen

Mr. Alojz’s son Klemen is an industrial designer, businessman and entrepreneur. He worked for well know companies such as Ferretti, Greenline, Bavaria Mobil, Petrol, etc.

“Klemen took my idea and created a concept of Oldi. 

He used his knowledge of working in startup environment that he gained in Canada. 

We also collaborate on project called “Generator Domžale” where we where one of the wining teams.

1. We believed in the idea

2. We start to work

3. We go the results 

Change yourself, change the world.

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